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Auto Body Surface Repair

Fate is often unkind to the exterior of cars, exposing them to all types of damage - from the impact of other vehicles crumpling their sheet metal and possibly their frames, to collisions with stationary obstacles causing dents and buckling, to the effects of accidental blows against the outside of a car. However this damage occurs, it seriously disfigures the outside of a car, lowers its resale value, and is the potential starting point of rust.

Fortunately, there are almost as many ways to remove dents and damage from the surface of a car as there are to cause them. Over a century of research and thought have gone into devising methods of repairing auto bodies, and the modern repairman has more options than at any other time in the history of cars. Many of these techniques can be carried out with equipment that a very reasonable price, putting auto repair within easy reach of the home car enthusiast as well.

Removal of chips & scratches

Painting over chips and scratches often intensifies the problem. The damaged area should be machine sanded and featheredged so the rough edges are gradually tapered back. This insures that the edge will be invisible, and the new paint finish will look smooth and glossy.

Auto body repair is a comprehensive process of restoring your vehicle to its original shape when damaged in an accident such as collision and most fender benders

If you need an auto body repair for your vehicle restoration, here are some areas to watch for:

  • Matching the original paint of the damaged part
  • Matching the shape and contour of the part like panels and trims
  • Bending the frames to its original alignment when necessary
  • Restoring all original electrical, electronics and mechanical functions of the vehicle
  • Restoring all the safety features of the vehicle to its original standard


We are centrally located in Glendale, CA just minutes from the 2, 134, 110 and 5 Freeways. We service all of San Fernando Valley, Ventura County and Los Angeles County. Our clean state of the art 5,500 square foot indoor facility allows us to provide the top class collisions repair services you need.

Hours of Service:

Monday - Friday

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